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    Matching Proteins, Defeating Disease

    Dr. Sarel Fleishman studies how proteins ""mate,"" or fit together – and, in fact, created his own method that lets scientists change the surface of proteins so that they mate with other proteins of the researcher's choice. This technique could lead to new treatments aimed at viruses, bacteria, and cancer.

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    Visualizing Algae-Eating Viruses From Space

    Weizmann scientists Dr. Assaf Vardi and Prof. Ilan Koren write in <em>Science 2.0</em> about the importance of algae. Though tiny, their massive blooms play a vital role in both marine ecology and climate regulation, but we know very little about the viruses that kill them. The Weizmann team is the first to attempt to quantify the viruses.

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    Sea Change, Climate Change

    The ocean covers more than 70 percent of Earth's surface – and rising. As our weather changes, Weizmann Institute scientists are studying the ocean, using everything from microscopes to satellites, to understand its relationship with our climate. What will the future bring?

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    Disrupted Immunity in the Fetal Brain Linked to Neurodevelopmental Disorders

    New research from the Institute demonstrates that, in mice, disrupted immunity in the fetal brain is linked to neurodevelopmental disorders. The multi-department study revealed that when a pregnant female is attacked by external factors such as viruses, the brain of the fetus does not develop as it should, resulting in autistic and schizophrenic behavior.

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    Viruses Overheard Talking to One Another

    For the first time, viruses have been found to communicate with one another, leaving short “posts” for kin and descendants. The messages help the viruses reading them to decide how to proceed with the process of infection.

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    Science Tips, July 2014

    Three updates from the labs of the Weizmann Institute: with interferons, even the negative may be necessary when it comes to HIV; mutations harmful to fertility are different in men and women; tiny magnets point to a fundamental principle of particle physics.

  • Science Tips, March 2007

    Four research updates from the Weizmann Institute: details of bone-eating cells; an immune system security measure; understanding the mechanics of hearing; and debating the workings of the brain.&nbsp;