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    Searching for Dark Matter

    Astrophysicist Dr. Ron Budnik, recently recruited to the Weizmann Institute, is part of an international team of scientists that is creating new instruments in the hope of recording the first confirmed interactions between dark matter and normal matter. Dark matter is one of the biggest unsolved mysteries in physics.

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  • Israel_s_Brainsway_Stimulates_a_Magnetic_Remedy_for_Depression
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    Just Rolling Along

    Prof. Reshef Tenne and his team created a new lubricant that dramatically reduces friction and wear in machinery. The synthetic material might be ideal for machinery ranging from car engines to space ships.

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  • Science Tips, December 2011

    Three updates from the Weizmann Institute: performing secure cloud computing; evidence that endothelial cells may actively direct immune cells; and a possible new scenario for supernova development.

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    Weizmann Institute Instrument Bound for Jupiter

    The Institute is part of a European mission to Jupiter that aims to investigate our solar system's largest planet and several of its moons. Dr. Yohai Kaspi leads a team developing a super-precise atomic clock that will help scientists analyze atmospheric conditions. This will be the first time that an Israel device travels beyond Earth's orbit.

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    Weizmann Institute Helps Teen Entrepreneur Improve Diabetes Management

    A casual conversation about dealing with her diabetes gave Rebecca Perl an idea: an app to help diabetics. The American Committee connected her with Prof. Michael Walker, renowned diabetes researcher, for help; the result is a startup that aims to create an app, implant, and insulin pump. The American Committee talks with Rebecca about becoming a biotech entrepreneur.

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    Israeli Eyes on Jupiter Orbiter

    NASA's Juno spacecraft will soon enter orbit around Jupiter – and the Weizmann Institute's Dr. Yohai Kaspi will be ready. He and other Institute researchers are part of a team of scientists who hope to answer pressing questions about the solar system's largest planet. Using tools Dr. Kaspi has developed, the team will have the opportunity to measure the differences in Jupiter's gravitational fields accurately and precisely – for the first time.