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    A Pioneer in the Stem Cell Frontier

    Prof. Yair Reisner is expert at tricking the immune system into accepting trans¬plants it would normally reject. He made a lifesaving breakthrough that lets immunocompromised patients receive bone marrow from a mismatched donor, then expanded the method to leukemia patients – and as if that's not enough, he's now applying it to organ transplants.

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    Stem Cells, Changing Fast

    Stem cell research is one of the fastest-moving fields of science today, with new findings coming one after another. In just the past several months alone, Weizmann scientists have discovered important new information about how stem cells grow, choose their fates, and can be reprogrammed. These mighty cells have the potential to change medicine as we know it.

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    Resolving a Lymphatic Riddle

    For more than a century, scientists have debated how the lymphatic system arises. Now that question has been answered, as Weizmann's Dr. Karina Yaniv has revealed how the system develops in the embryo, and – in a world's first – grown lymphatic cells in the lab. Besides solving this long-standing puzzle, her work can provide important insights into disease.

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    Harnessing the Power of Stem Cells

    This issue of Weizmann Views features Dr. Jacob Hanna, an MD/PhD who is one of the world's leaders in stem cell research. His methods for quickly, efficiently producing induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells and for ""resetting"" iPS cells to their earliest possible state could change the face of medicine, including growing organs on demand.

  • New Hope for Kidney Patients

    With a new achievement—growing tiny, functional kidneys in mice out of human stem cells—Prof. Yair Reisner is progressing toward making transplants immediately and widely available to those who need them. 

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    Rethinking the Aging Brain

    Prof. Michal Schwartz aims to develop a vaccination for slowing the brain’s aging process by boosting autoimmunity. Her groundbreaking approach is already being tested in animal models of neurodegenerative diseases.