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    Will Quantum Physics Revolutionize the Digital World?

    Under quantum theory, particles can be in different places, in different states, doing different things – at the same time. And computers based on these principles might complete, reasonably quickly, calculations that would take today's computers a million years. Weizmann scientists are leading the quest to develop the next generation of computers.

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    Looking Back, Looking Forward

    Please take a moment to revisit the Weizmann Institute's noteworthy research from 2014, and stay tuned in 2015 for still more amazing breakthroughs. We're looking forward to blowing your mind, changing your life, saving the world – or just making you stop, think, and wonder.

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    Creating Tomorrow's Computers

    In quantum mechanics, a single atom can be in multiple places and doing multiple things — all at the same time. Weizmann's Dr. Roee Ozeri is harnessing such phenomena to design a quantum computer, which would be much faster and more efficient than today's computers.

  • Science Tips, June 2008

    Three research updates from the Weizmann Institute: when quantum systems disobey a law of thermodynamics; demonstrating that ""quasiparticles"" exist; and a new approach to treating autoimmune disease.

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    Building a Better Bowtie

    We may be one step closer to the technology of the future, thanks to bowtie-shaped nanoparticles created at the Weizmann Institute. A team led by Prof. Gilad Haran designed these nanostructures made of silver. Their work may advance the development of quantum devices, which will be exponentially more powerful than today's machines.

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    Science Tips, November 2015

    Three updates from the labs of the Weizmann Institute: devising an apparatus that can ""pluck"" a single particle of light out of a pulse of light; how a rare genetic childhood disease can shed light on cancer; discovering that proteins involved in our visual system also play a role in the heat-seeking behavior of sperm.

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    The World's First Photonic Router

    As electronic computers have closed in on their limits in terms of power, scientists have been looking to quantum computing as the future of computing. Dr. Barak Dayan and Weizmann's quantum optics group have now taken another important step toward that future: they have created a router in which a single atom can switch the direction a single photon.

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    Science Tips, July 2014

    Three updates from the labs of the Weizmann Institute: with interferons, even the negative may be necessary when it comes to HIV; mutations harmful to fertility are different in men and women; tiny magnets point to a fundamental principle of particle physics.

  • Science Tips, April 2011

    Three research updates from the Weizmann Institute of Science: why the ""aha!"" moment is important; an enzyme that can enhance memories; and how quantum mechanics principles of spin relate to biology.

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