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    Matching Proteins, Defeating Disease

    Dr. Sarel Fleishman studies how proteins ""mate,"" or fit together – and, in fact, created his own method that lets scientists change the surface of proteins so that they mate with other proteins of the researcher's choice. This technique could lead to new treatments aimed at viruses, bacteria, and cancer.

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    Making Personalized Medicine a Reality

    Dr. Berta Strulovici, director of the Weizmann Institute's Nancy and Stephen Grand Israel National Center for Personalized Medicine, explains how personalized, or ""precision,"" medicine uses information about a person's genes, proteins, and environment to prevent, diagnose, and treat patients – a ""proactive rather than reactive"" approach.

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    Science Tips, October 2015

    Three updates from the labs of the Weizmann Institute: discovery of a tumor suppressor gene behind a deadly form of melanoma; finding that lack of a certain protein leads to obesity, no matter the diet; and learning why plants ""drive"" with one foot on the brake rather than operate at full efficiency.

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    Shipping and Packing Proteins

    Dr. Maya Schuldiner studies the endoplasmic reticulum, or ER, a flexible, essential compartment in each cell that provides quality control, packing, and shipping for every protein the cell makes.

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    Heart Cells Regenerated in Mice

    In a heart research breakthrough, Weizmann's Prof. Eldad Tzahor and a team of researchers have induced heart cells in mice to revert to an earlier state when they can be renewed; typically, the heart is unable to heal itself. This important work could lead to powerful new treatments for heart disease.