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    Weizmann and École Polytechnique Sign Collaborative Agreement

    The powerhouse institutions will collaborate on higher education and research, promoting intellectual exchange between Israel and France. Laser-plasma accelerator expert Prof. Victor Malka, affiliated with both places, is encouraging the partnership. It will help expand laser research, which contributes to advances ranging from detecting breast cancers to imaging airplane parts.

  • Thin_Films_on_a_Scale
    Thin Films on a Scale

    Weizmann scientists are working to create thin films with desirable qualities such as low weight and long-term thermostability, which could mean huge benefits for microelectronics and other fields. 

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    New Space Telescopes Will Build on Israeli Experience

    The Weizmann Institute's stellar astrophysics team is developing a small, light satellite that will be equipped with a telescope searching in the ultraviolet range for events such as supernovas and black holes. The team is collaborating with Caltech and NASA, among others, on the satellite, which is a first for Weizmann – and for Israel.

  • Science Tips, June 2008

    Three research updates from the Weizmann Institute: when quantum systems disobey a law of thermodynamics; demonstrating that ""quasiparticles"" exist; and a new approach to treating autoimmune disease.

  • dayan-single-photon-tn
    Science Tips, November 2015

    Three updates from the labs of the Weizmann Institute: devising an apparatus that can ""pluck"" a single particle of light out of a pulse of light; how a rare genetic childhood disease can shed light on cancer; discovering that proteins involved in our visual system also play a role in the heat-seeking behavior of sperm.

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    Science Tips, September 2015

    Three updates from the Weizmann Institute: discovering how the tiny, beautiful sea sapphire changes color – and even becomes invisible; using light to get nanoparticles to self-assemble could lead to rewritable paper, contaminant removal, and drug delivery; measuring how fast bacteria grow sheds new light on how our microbiome is tied to our health.

  • barak-dayan-tn
    The World's First Photonic Router

    As electronic computers have closed in on their limits in terms of power, scientists have been looking to quantum computing as the future of computing. Dr. Barak Dayan and Weizmann's quantum optics group have now taken another important step toward that future: they have created a router in which a single atom can switch the direction a single photon.

  • New Grant to Fuel Solar Energy Research

    The Helmsley Charitable Trust has announced a $15 million gift to fund joint research in solar energy and biofuels at the Weizmann Institute and the Technion. The massive, unique, multidisciplinary project has the goal of providing renewable energy options to Israel … and the world.

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  • glare_reduction_uujzec
    Using a Noise-Canceling Camera to Get Rid of Glare

    Prof. Yaron Silberberg is one of two optics scientists whose innovative method for getting rid of glare has been making news. Glare is the way that, for example, a car's high beams reflect off fog, making it ""even more difficult to see what lies ahead,"" says <em>The Engineer</em>. The methods reduce glare in a manner similar to how noise-cancelling headphones reduce sound.