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    Blood Sugar Levels in Response to Foods Are Highly Individual

    Prof. Eran Segal and Dr. Eran Elinav's Personalized Nutrition Project has new results that underscore the importance of a personalized diet, prepared based on complex factors such as your gut microbes and lifestyle. The foods that raise your blood sugar levels may not be what you'd expect, and responses differ surprisingly from person to person.

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  • Random Walks in Random Environments

    What happens when a person strolling along an path comes to an intersection, and chooses his direction with a roll of the dice? Add in multiple dimensions and weighted dice and the question becomes more complex, says mathematician Prof. Ofer Zeitouni.

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    Gene Editing Takes on New Roles

    Two new and powerful research methods – CRISPR gene editing and single-cell genomic profiling – have now been combined to produce a tool fine enough to enable scientists to observe life's most nuanced processes. Prof. Ido Amit and his lab have so refined CRISPR that scientists can understand biological processes in shades of grey – not just black and white.

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    How to Mix the Perfect Cocktail

    The fine art of mixing drug cocktails - such as for cancer treatment - is incredibly complicated, especially once you get into three or more ingredients. The numbers of possible interactions and side effects are virtually infinite. Now, a new model from the lab of Prof. Uri Alon lets scientists compare combinations of drugs to determine which work well together, and with the fewest side effects. This is a major step forward in personalized medicine.

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    Ants in the Lead

    As the old song says, ""oops, there goes another rubber tree plant."" People have always been in awe of ants' ability to work together to get the seemingly impossible done – but how, exactly, do they do it? Now we know, thanks to a Weizmann team that created a physics-based model showing how groups of ants cooperate to carry large pieces of food to the nest.

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    Science Tips, November 2013

    Three updates from the Weizmann Institute: international collaboration produces a new picture of the 3D structure of chromosomes; the world's smallest SQUID – used to measure magnetic fields – breaks the world record for sensitivity and resolution; mysterious microglia cells are shown to play critical roles in brain disease and health.

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    Israeli Team Takes Medals in Math Olympiad

    The team – comprised of high-school students who trained at Weizmann – representing Israel at the International Mathematical Olympiad has won six medals – one gold, three silver, and two bronze. The Israeli team was ranked 13th among 97 participating countries at this 54th Olympiad, held July 18 – 28 in Santa Marta, Colombia. Last year, the Israeli team ranked 31st.

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