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    Weizmann Physics Discovery is a 2014 Breakthrough of the Year

    The magazine Physics World has announced that research by Weizmann Institute scientists that revealed a fundamental principle of particle physics is one of its ""10 highly commended breakthroughs"" of 2014. The work, by Dr. Roee Ozeri and colleagues, involves isolating the magnetic interactions of electrons – something scientists have been attempting for decades.

  • Just_Rolling_Along
    Just Rolling Along

    Prof. Reshef Tenne and his team created a new lubricant that dramatically reduces friction and wear in machinery. The synthetic material might be ideal for machinery ranging from car engines to space ships.

  • Crystal Clear

    Studies of how crystals form may weave together a web of unrelated fields, from semiconductor technologies, to the origins of life, to the design of polymorphs—crystal formations key to pharmacology. 

  • Developing_Better_Solar_Cells
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    Making Spines from Sea Water

    Following up on earlier research - and using technologies that did not exist then - Profs. Lia Addadi and Steve Weiner answered long-held questions: where do sea urchins get the calcium ions they need to build their spines? The answer: they ""drink"" sea water, even as larvae. And it turns out that other organisms use the same surprising process.

  • artificial-cells-act-like-the-real-thing-tn
    Artificial Cells Act Like the Real Thing

    One of the problems with designing artificial systems – from artificial intelligence on – is getting them to mimic real life. But now, Prof. Roy Bar-Ziv and his team have created an artificial cell system that reproduces the natural, dynamic behavior of protein synthesis – a breakthrough that is likely to lead to a host of new uses, including pharmaceutical and chemical.

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    Science Tips, March 2015

    Four updates from Weizmann: an ancient skull may provide clues to human-Neanderthal mating; Weizmann and SpaceIL are holding an online trivia game about the moon for kids 6-18; working with Penn, scientists find that each heartbeat is a careful synchronization; the popular award for Israeli women postdocs is accepting applications.

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    Science Tips, August 2014

    Three updates from the labs of the Weizmann Institute: a new technique identifies the exact DNA sequences involved in regulating the fate of blood stem cells; theorizing that tiny black holes ate their way to becoming massive quasars; nanocubes can self-assemble into beautiful, complex structures.

  • Science Tips, May 2009

    Three research updates from the Weizmann Institute: vital steps in DNA repair; secrets of sea urchins' sharp teeth; and how white blood cells resemble millipedes.

  • Science Tips, July 2007

    Four research updates from the Weizmann Institute: doping electronics; experiments with interfering electrons; a new model of molecular recognition; and a promising cellular reporter.