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    Breakthrough Cancer Cure has Deep Israeli Roots

    U.S. scientists have treated blood cancer patients with genetically modified T-cells, and, in what is called an extraordinary development, saw the disease go into remission. As The Times of Israel reports, this true breakthrough began in the lab of Prof. Zelig Eshhar, who created the basis of the technique and has been curing mice of cancer for years.

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    Rethinking the Aging Brain

    Prof. Michal Schwartz aims to develop a vaccination for slowing the brain’s aging process by boosting autoimmunity. Her groundbreaking approach is already being tested in animal models of neurodegenerative diseases.

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    Immunotherapy: Cancer Treatment Based on Weizmann Research is Saving Lives

    Weizmann Institute basic research is, yet again, behind the headlines: a new blood cancer therapy that uses one's own immune system to defeat the disease is stunning clinicians and giving patients hope. Trials in the U.S. have had amazing results, with critically ill leukemia patients now in remission. The breakthrough is based on decades of research by Weizmann's Prof. Zelig Eshhar, who is now working to adapt his method to other forms of cancer.

  • Science Tips, June 2008

    Three research updates from the Weizmann Institute: when quantum systems disobey a law of thermodynamics; demonstrating that ""quasiparticles"" exist; and a new approach to treating autoimmune disease.

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    Israeli scientist: Stronger immune system could cure Alzheimer’s

    The Weizmann Institute’s Prof. Michal Schwartz has been developing ways to use the immune system to treat devastating injuries. As Israel21c reports, this “powerhouse” is now studying whether an enhanced immune system can treat anxiety and other brain disorders, and even – most exciting of all – potentially cure Alzheimer’s.

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    Brain’s Immune System “Key to Reversing Dementia”

    “Alzheimer's disease could be halted and even reversed by altering the brain’s immune system,” says the U.K.’s Express. The paper reports on the groundbreaking research of Prof. Michal Schwartz, which combines neuroscience and immunology to give us new understanding of the brain and its diseases – and novel ways to treat those diseases.

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    T-cell Therapies for Cancer: From Outsider to Pharmaceutical Darling

    As Britain's Royal Pharmaceutical Society reports in its <em>Pharmaceutical Journal</em>, researchers working on T-cell therapies for cancer – such as Weizmann's Prof. Zelig Eshhar – were snubbed for years… until now. This thorough overview of the field's beginning – including in Prof. Eshhar's lab – and its future makes clear the importance of T cells.