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    Four Decades of Scholarships, Partnership, and Success: The Weizmann Institute of Science and the ISEF Foundation

    For 40 years, the ISEF Foundation has been a partner with the Weizmann Institute, providing scholarships for minority Israelis to pursue higher education in the sciences. In recognition of these decades of collaboration, we present three Weizmann graduates - successful scientists all - who benefited from an ISEF scholarship.

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    Meeting the Future of Science

    With spring comes thoughts of renewal, change, and the future. In a harbinger of great things to come, six extraordinary PhD students from the Weizmann Institute's Feinberg Graduate School visited the U.S., describing their research to supporters across the country. These ""scientists of the future"" are already making the world a better place.

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    Weizmann and École Polytechnique Sign Collaborative Agreement

    The powerhouse institutions will collaborate on higher education and research, promoting intellectual exchange between Israel and France. Laser-plasma accelerator expert Prof. Victor Malka, affiliated with both places, is encouraging the partnership. It will help expand laser research, which contributes to advances ranging from detecting breast cancers to imaging airplane parts.

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    Weizmann Institute Helps Teen Entrepreneur Improve Diabetes Management

    A casual conversation about dealing with her diabetes gave Rebecca Perl an idea: an app to help diabetics. The American Committee connected her with Prof. Michael Walker, renowned diabetes researcher, for help; the result is a startup that aims to create an app, implant, and insulin pump. The American Committee talks with Rebecca about becoming a biotech entrepreneur.

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