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    Could Lowering Oxygen Levels Reduce Jet Lag?

    <em>The Wall Street Journal</em> reports on research by Weizmann's Dr. Gad Asher that ""shaved days off mice's recovery from a simulated transatlantic flight."" The work could lead to ways of treating jet lag post-flight with low-oxygen treatments.

  • Past Perfect

    Dr. Ruth Shahack-Gross, a visiting scientist at Weizmann's Helen and Martin Kimmel Center for Archaeological Science, learns about the past by studying contemporary traditional lifestyles.&nbsp;

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    A Year of Achievements and Advances

    Looking back at 2016 reveals an exceptional year at the Weizmann Institute, one chock-full of major developments from unprecedented insight into our universe to better understanding of our modern world to truly life-changing – and life-saving – breakthroughs in cancer and medical research. Here are some highlights.

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    Weizmann Institute Helps Teen Entrepreneur Improve Diabetes Management

    A casual conversation about dealing with her diabetes gave Rebecca Perl an idea: an app to help diabetics. The American Committee connected her with Prof. Michael Walker, renowned diabetes researcher, for help; the result is a startup that aims to create an app, implant, and insulin pump. The American Committee talks with Rebecca about becoming a biotech entrepreneur.

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    An End to the Winter Blues?

    Is the long winter bringing you down? Do TV and comfort food sound better than going out? If so, you might be among the 11 million Americans who get the winter blues. Remedies for seasonal depression are limited – but happily, the Weizmann Institute is working hard to shine light on depression's many causes, offering the hope of new, improved treatments.

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    Blood Sugar Levels in Response to Foods Are Highly Individual

    Prof. Eran Segal and Dr. Eran Elinav's Personalized Nutrition Project has new results that underscore the importance of a personalized diet, prepared based on complex factors such as your gut microbes and lifestyle. The foods that raise your blood sugar levels may not be what you'd expect, and responses differ surprisingly from person to person.

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    Mice in a ""Big Brother"" Setup Develop Social Structures

    How does a social animal gain dominance over its fellows? With a unique setup, Weizmann scientists were able to closely study mice living in almost-natural conditions and observe regulation of social behavior, including selection of a leader. This work could also provide insight into the social aspects of schizophrenia and autism.

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    Why Light Bulbs May Be the Next Hacker Target

    As <em>The New York Times</em> reports, renowned Weizmann cryptographer Prof. Adi Shamir and a team that included scientists at Canada's Dalhousie University found a way to hack ""smart"" lightbulbs, causing them to flicker. Their finding reveals dangerous weaknesses – including those that could allow attacks on our power grid – in the fast-growing Internet of Things.