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    White Blood Cells Get Pushy to Reach Infection

    How do white blood cells - the immune cells that race to the sites of infection and inflammation - actually get to their targets? The research of Prof. Ronen Alon has revealed that the white blood cells actually force their way through the blood vessel walls to reach the infection, creating large holes. This understanding could aid in cancer research.

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  • Science Tips, December 2011

    Three updates from the Weizmann Institute: performing secure cloud computing; evidence that endothelial cells may actively direct immune cells; and a possible new scenario for supernova development.

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    Rethinking Lymphatic Development

    Lymphatic vessels were first described by Hippocrates; centuries later, we're still learning about them. Weizmann's Dr. Karina Yaniv recently discovered that the lymphatic system does not develop as previously thought. Interestingly, says The Scientist, after all these years, three other studies on lymph vessel origin came out at the same time.

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    Kathy Bates: My Battle with Lymphedema

    Oscar winner Kathy Bates opens up to Larry King about developing lymphedema – which occurs when the lymph nodes are removed or blocked – after a double mastectomy. Now a lymphedema activist raising awareness and funds, she gets hope from research like Dr. Karina Yaniv's, whose breakthroughs include being the first to grow lymphatic cells in the lab.

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    What the Weizmann Institute is Doing About Heart Disease

    According to the American Heart Association, more than 80 million Americans have one or more forms of cardiovascular disease. Weizmann researchers are not only searching for solutions to this health epidemic, but are also investigating the very earliest causes, such as problems during embryonic formation.

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    Leukemia and Lymphoma Research

    Blood cancers, such as lymphoma and leukemia, arise due to errors in the genetic information of an immature blood cell – and they often affect children. In fact, leukemia alone is responsible for 40 percent of pediatric cancers. Read how Weizmann scientists are helping.

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    Resolving a Lymphatic Riddle

    For more than a century, scientists have debated how the lymphatic system arises. Now that question has been answered, as Weizmann's Dr. Karina Yaniv has revealed how the system develops in the embryo, and – in a world's first – grown lymphatic cells in the lab. Besides solving this long-standing puzzle, her work can provide important insights into disease.