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    Better Energy for a Brighter Future

    Our rapidly changing climate makes it more imperative than ever to have reliable, affordable forms of energy. As head of the Institute's Alternative Energy Research Initiative, Prof. David Cahen is helping to make this happen – both through his own work and by issuing grants to Weizmann scientists pursuing alternative energy solutions.

  • New Grant to Fuel Solar Energy Research

    The Helmsley Charitable Trust has announced a $15 million gift to fund joint research in solar energy and biofuels at the Weizmann Institute and the Technion. The massive, unique, multidisciplinary project has the goal of providing renewable energy options to Israel … and the world.

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    Could Chaim Weizmann's Vision Be the Key to Solving the Energy Crisis?

    A hundred years ago, Chaim Weizmann – a preeminent chemist and namesake of the Weizmann Institute, as well as Israel's first president – proposed a method of producing biofuel. Today, researchers at the University of California are developing his concept. Has the time come for Dr. Weizmann's vision to be realized?

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    Ethiopia Adopts Israeli Day/Night Power System

    The developing world is in need of continual, reliable, power – and solar energy would be an ""ideal solution,"" except that it doesn't work at night, when electricity is most needed. Weizmann to the rescue! As <em>The Times of Israel</em> reports, Ethiopia is now using a Weizmann Institute technology that ""works 24/7 – even at night and when it's cloudy.""

  • "Trained" bacteria can lead to better biofuels

    <em>The Jerusalem Post</em> reports on the Weizmann Institute discovery that bacteria are not only not dumb, but have the ability to anticipate and plan for events. The research, which owes much to Pavlov's experiments with training dogs, has implications for creating better biofuels, among other options.