Rubik's Cube

Liberty Science Center has a Speedcuber-in-Residence, and he now holds the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® title for the most Rubik’s Cubes solved underwater in one breath, by completing five in one minute and eighteen seconds, the last of which he finished solving one-handed. Check out the full story here. Anthony Brooks is shown above with friend of The Curiosity Review, Liberty Science Center CEO Paul Hoffman (who just happens to be one of the best science writers on the planet).

The GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® attempt was a highlight of the three-day U.S. Rubik’s Cube National Championships, held at LSC on August 1-3. Over 500+ cubers from around the world participated in solving competitions including one-handed and blindfolded solves. Liberty Science Center is home to Groovik’s Cube. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out!