01 February 2016 Health & Medicine

Cure the Patient, Not the Disease

Humans have long divided each other into the wrong categories. What if, instead, those categories revealed a deeply personal way to treat disease?

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30 November 2015 Health & Medicine

Can An Algorithm Keep Your Diet Healthy?

Diets often focus on the people who want to lose weight, gain weight, get healthier, or look good on the beach. But what about a diet that caters to an invisible entity hidden inside each one of us?

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07 October 2015 Health & Medicine

Facing Chemo

A new portrait project from Robert Houser is a raw, naked glimpse into the reality many women face, and wear on their faces, during cancer treatment.

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29 June 2015 Health & Medicine

Turning Back Time to Find a Cure in the Future

How actress Kathy Bates has turned her own real-life horror story into positive action to raise awareness and funds for lymphedema.

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11 August 2014 Health & Medicine

How to Get Unstuck to Make a Breakthrough: Uri Alon

The myth of the lone genius generating revolutionary ideas is losing its power over our imaginations. How do we move from being stuck to making breakthrough discoveries? Weizmann’s Uri Alon has a novel idea: improvisation.

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