11 August 2014 Earth & Environment

The Resurrection Plant Reveals How It Got Its Name

The Rose of Jericho and the scope of time.

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05 August 2014 Earth & Environment

Magnificent Grafted Tree of 40

This extreme hybrid tree by artist Sam Van Aken made our jaws drop.

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01 August 2014 Earth & Environment

Fastest fingers and brain...even underwater!

Speedcuber-in-Residence at Liberty Science Center breaks world record

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22 July 2014 Earth & Environment

Full Kaleidoscopic Immersion

And now for something curious happening on our planet right now: a giant polyhedron made of mirrors connected by zippers.

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09 July 2014 Earth & Environment

The Sight of Sound

Everything that moves emits a frequency and makes a sound. Even bubbles...

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