09 November 2015 Brain & Behavior

What Moves an Ant to Move a Cheerio?

In all the years I’ve been working with humans on the development of leadership skills, it never occurred to me to look at ants for inspiration.

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31 August 2015 Brain & Behavior

Does A Rose By Any Other Nose Still Smell as Sweet?

Our most enigmatic scent, smell, has the power to instantly transport us to another time and place. In a Science Sessions podcast hosted by Prashant Nair, Weizmann Institute scientist Prof. Noam Sobel talked about his team’s work in creating olfactory fingerprints.

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29 September 2014 Brain & Behavior

L’eau de Weizmann: A Dream in a Bottle

If you know art when you see it, what about when you smell it? L’eau de Weizmann: A Dream in a Bottle arrived at Science House today. When we sprayed it, the scent of a campus 5,671 miles away in Rehovot, Israel filled the air.

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18 August 2014 Brain & Behavior

Heather Berlin: On the Neural Basis of Creativity....and Ghosts Test

Curious about the brain basis of spontaneous creativity?

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02 July 2014 Brain & Behavior

Beaches, Brains and Sheldon Cooper: The Passion of Mayim Bialik

We asked Mayim what first sparked her scientific curiosity.

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